Now you can get out there even farther, by carrying extra fuel and water on the LockNLoad™ platform rack. The low-profile cage height makes it easy to load the can onto your platform, while heavy-duty ratchet straps keep it secure and rattle-free. Accepts 10L or 20L plastic or metal cans. Designed and thoroughly tested in the rugged Australian Outback to meet Yakima’s new Off-Road Rated standards.

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Easily installs in minutes anywhere on the LockNLoad® platform rack and most other T-slot equipped platforms, with an included 5 mm wrench.

Holds 1 full 10L or 20L jerry water/fuel can made of metal or plastic, up to 45 lbs./25 kg.

Includes heavy-duty hook straps with steel ratchets, cast-steel eyelets, and a durable black-zinc coating.

Weight: 8.00 lbs

Dimensions: L 14.00in x W 7.50in x H 4.25in