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heels can be a complicated topic if you are looking at the subject for the first time.

Even the pros, and long-time enthusiasts can agree that it can get pretty complicated. Luckily, that's what we are here for. It was no mistake you wanted to learn more (we aren't pointing fingers) and even we can agree that it's a decision that requires a light to be shined upon.

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Center Cap

      Monoblock Cast wheels are by far the cheapest of all wheel constructions. These wheel variants are made by pouring molten aluminum alloy into a mold to later be extracted to be shaped into the wheel style of choice. A CNC machine is used to create the look of the wheel; further processes include finishes and so forth.



Allows for vehicle to move faster, while also increasing agility.



Due to the lack of sealants (found in 2 & 3pc wheels) and a uniform body allows for maximum durability.



Speaks for itself.

Multi-Piece Wheels

          Multi-piece wheels have recently become the hot topic of various automotive scenes. For example, all over the world the most common preference of "show car shoes" has been the 3 piece variant. Flashy colors and intricate designs have always stood out the most, while still providing essential wheel benefits.

          In the truck market, multi-piece wheels are not too common, only a few companies offer multi-piece options. Due to the lack of demand, as well as machinery and production these can be a costly choice. Most likely, the only place you will see such designs and variants will be at automotive shows or at the store.

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Center Forged


Center Cap



        What began as a racing development to help vehicles in the track quickly turned into a world-wide phenomenon. These wheels depend on a spun lip made of aluminum, a barrel, and a forged center piece that is held together using silicon sealants and fasteners (a.k.a Rivets) that can be found all around the wheel.



Having multiple pieces can allow for different variations of colors, offsets, etc.



The process used in creating reassure that durability is not compromised.



With more pieces comes a higher price point.



More component equals more weight.


          Forged wheels contain an intricate process where an aluminum billet is cut, spun, pressurized and flow-formed to really nail down the right weight, strength and finish. Alongside, different companies have different processes to ultimately achieve about similar results. And, every now-and-then there is always a company that stand out on their creation process.

          Below we have provided a video by Wheels Boutique, on this video you will get to go inside of HRE's factory located in California and see their breakdown process for their beautiful wheel creations.


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          Forged wheels only come in selected wheel styles. To make sure you get the right specs and fit, make sure to contact one of our staff members to ensure the desired design and brand carries the variant you got your eyes on. Click below to speak to a wheel pro.



          Now comes the fun, this is where dreams and magic really happen to your vehicle. You have a nice wheel design in mind and now you need to figure out how you can compliment your stylish ride. Luckily all major and smaller brands offer some unique wheel colors, as well as processes to make those new shoes stand out.

         These "colors and finishes" are all part of completing your build or adding some spice to your daily-driver. Below we have listed some of the most popular wheel finishes, as well as explaining the process that is required for your new wheels to look exactly the way you dreamed of.


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Matte Black 


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