MAXTRAX Recovery Boards are a simple and innovative way to get your vehicle out of a messy situation by giving it traction it needs to lift itself up and out of the mud, sand, or snow.


The original trademark color: MAXTRAX MKII Safety Orange™

The perfect match for you red FJ or other red vehicles.

Desert Tan MAXTRAX are the choice of Special Forces units in desert combat

Modern, Bright, and Safe




No credit required, receive up to $3,000 to get your journey started


The Gift that 


The holidays are upon us and there is no better time than to start thinking what the best gift for you loved ones will be. Gift MaxTrax this year and unlock a world of endless adventures.



MAXTRAX was started on a remote beach in Far North Queensland in 2001 after Brad McCarthy nearly lost his beloved Land Cruiser to an incoming tide while stuck on the beach. 

After looking at the existing options, all based on surplus from WWII, Brad knew there had to be a way to be a better way.

A few years and a few prototypes later in 2005, MAXTRAX launched the world’s first vehicle-specific recovery board, the MKI.


Fifteen years later with the MAXTRAX Xtreme, we’re still innovating and pushing the boundaries on a what has become new age of 4WD vehicle recovery.  

Established in 2000. Shaping the automotive industry with perseverance and dedication to bring you closer to  your passion, there is no limit. It's in our name.

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