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Staying at Joshua Tree National Park

From Baltimore With Love

Written by Geyson Alvarenga

Life is a recipe that consist of one single-giant mindset in which you test yourself to build yourself.

Dedication. Disposition. Sacrifice.


  "It has never been an easy task" explains Tony, who is No Limit's Shop Controller, "it's crazy to see more and more people interested in this automotive style. In our heads, it's our job to make people understand that this is an area where the East Coast is lacking and hopefully as we continue to push more cool projects out, we can make this a more standard lifestyle."

    As many fans of the idea can agree, it has never been about the arrival but mostly about the journey getting there. The uphill rock-climbing battle, or the muddy terrain drive-thru is where the rush of adrenaline leads to the satisfying  destination. Also, where else would you get views like these...

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© Baltimore Magazine | Susquehanna River, Maryland


   In late 2017 we saw the beginning of the build, and for a start, the ideas were already flowing like crazy. The goal had always been to combine both functionality and look-appeal in an all-in-one package without having to sacrifice efficiency and comfortability. Unlike many previous set-ups this one had to be the foundation for the future. With care and precision we chose the right tools to get the job done, wether it was in early stage or final form.

   The first upgrades were as versatile as they could be; in our heads we expected this to be a never-ending passion project. A project that grew with us as we moved forward with our knowledge and modern trends, introducing something unique to establish roots on.

Image by Levi Midnight
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